Doyle’s Paradise

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Doyle decides to take an enormous windfall of cash from recovering Egyptian artifacts and take a trip. His first in years from when he was a detective for the Detroit PD. Now a personal investigator, he can set his personal work schedule. He decides to shut the enterprise and go to Paradise. Hawaii. His new girlfriend, Poppy Drake has determined to go alongside, and Doyle’s secretary, Marge is invited. Doyle’s associate Oscar Drew decides to go go to kin and passes on paradise. Now in Hawaii, on a really secluded personal island, Doyle, Poppy and Marge are loving the solar, sand and the ocean, however they’re drawn into murders of the friends. Doyle realizes he should resolve the killings earlier than Poppy, Marge or he turn out to be victims. Will he save Paradise earlier than it turns into a residing hell. That is the fourth ebook of the Doyle collection.

By Bob Moats

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