Dying in Paradise (The Thea Kozak Thriller Collection, E-book 5)

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In Hawaii to assist run a convention, Thea Kozak is decided to search out time to relax–until the convention chairwoman is discovered lifeless.
Whereas struggling to maintain the convention from descending into chaos, Thea discovers extra motives and suspects than she will be able to deal with. Throw in hostile native cops, the sufferer’s suspicious husband, and Thea’s hopes for buying and selling her enterprise swimsuit for a bikini and a few solar are dashed.
However with assist from an observant little woman, a too-observant pathologist, and an expensive buddy, Thea simply might come out of this alive.

Chosen for Dying
Dying in a Funhouse Mirror
Dying on the Wheel
An Educated Dying
Dying in Paradise
Liberty or Dying
Stalking Dying
Dying Warmed Over

By Kate Flora

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